JARBO Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink Cartridges High Yield (1 Black 1 Tri-Color) 2 Packs
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Shopping Address:https://www.officemum.com JARBO Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink Cartridges High Yield (1 Black 1 Tri-Color) 2 Packs with Ink Level Display Used in HP Photosmart D110A C4680 C4780 Envy 100 110 111 120 114 Deskjet D1660 F4200 F4480

JARBO Remanufactured HP 60XL Ink Cartridges High Yield (1 Black 1 Tri-Color) 2 Packs
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Use with complete compatibility and ink level display

High-quality ink, print with excellent color and crisp text, up to 600 pages per black cartridge up to 440 pages per color cartridge (5% coverage)

Worked in HP Envy 100 110 111 114 120 Photosmart D110A C4650 C4680 C4780 C4795 Deskjet D1660 D2530 D2545 D2660 D2680 F2430 F4200 F4235 F4240 F4280 F4435 F4440 F4480 F4580

ISO-9001 and MSDS certificate approved. All JARBO brand products are backed by 2 years money back guarantee, which covers any quality, reliability and performance issues

We strive for the perfection of printing, only for the comfort in your life.

Printer Compatibility:
HP Envy 100,HP Envy 110,HP Envy 111,HP Envy 114,HP Envy 120,
HP Deskjet D1660,HP Deskjet D1663,HP Deskjet D2500,HP Deskjet D2530,HP Deskjet D2545,HP Deskjet D2560,
HP Deskjet D2563 D2566 D2568 D2645,HP Deskjet D2663,HP Deskjet D2680 D5560 F2400 F2420,F2423,
HP Deskjet F2430 F2440 F2480 F2483 F2488 F2492 F2493 HP Deskjet F4200 F4213 F4224 F4230 F4235,F4240,
HP Deskjet F4250,HP Deskjet F4272,HP Deskjet F4273,HP Deskjet F4274,HP Deskjet F4275,HP Deskjet F4280,
HP Deskjet F4283,HP Deskjet F4288,HP Deskjet F4292,HP Deskjet F4293,HP Deskjet F4400,HP Deskjet F4435,
HP Deskjet F4440,HP Deskjet F4450,HP Deskjet F4480,HP Deskjet F4500,HP Deskjet F4580,
HP Photosmart D110A C4600 4610 C4635 C4640 C4650,HP Photosmart C4680 C4683 C4685 C4690 C4700 C4740,
HP Photosmart C4750,HP Photosmart C4780,HP Photosmart C4783,
HP Photosmart C4795,HP Photosmart C4799.

About our product:
Bright clean chip:
With polishing technology, the compatibility is much higher.
Sprinkler complex optical technology:
With this technology, printing is smoother and more consistent.
Quality control:
100% post printing test for each cartridge.
Greener choice:
JARBO ink cartridges require less energy to operate.

JARBO remanufactured HP 60XL high yield ink cartridge is an original HP 60XL ink cartridge that has been professionally remanufactured by JARBO. It has been disassembled, fully inspected, thoroughly cleaned and all worn components have been replaced. A fresh supply of ink has been added before resealing.
The cartridge has undergone a full testing process for performance, print quality and page yield.

We offer great print quality and reliable performance for fast, professional printing quality. Inferior products are firmly rejected.

JARBO ink, ease your mind, easy your life.